Let Me Help You Resurrect Your Potential

  • Are you a young professional in a STEM career?
  • Have you experienced an unforeseen mistake, failure, or setback at work?
  • Has the experience left you feeling anxious, insecure, or ashamed?
  • Are these feelings preventing you from moving forward?

At Lazarus Coaching, we know the impact of shame and have developed a process to resurrect your confidence, so you can build stronger relationships and achieve greater success in your career. 

To work with me, simply make an appointment for a free coaching consult to awaken your potential.  Schedule your appointment today.  If you do, you will be on your way to breathing new life into your reputation and career.  

Don’t let your professional identity flatline!  Schedule an appointment today.

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With over 30 years of experience in military leadership, technology, and leadership development, Lazarus is your partner to build skills today that move you into the future with confidence through executive coaching, leadership development, and consulting services.  CEO and founder, Mark Nicholson, is an award-winning executive-level leader with a noteworthy background in training, coaching, and developing the U.S. Navy’s executive leadership teams.

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